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Cheryl Sylivant: Artist and Creative Intuitive Coach

I take you through supportive creative and intuitive instruction in art practice as connection to the mind, body and spirit, as "living energy", from my experience in making abstract art for 20 years. 

Creative is in skill building and time.  Intuitive is in helping you to find consciously and unconsciously your signals of living  energy.  No one knows what energy is, science says so, but we can experience it and it shows up in many ways.  

I facilitate listening in a way that accompanies you through working with what comes up as you learn skills with your time in the practice, including working with the voices inside that say you can't.  

Looking at living things is my anchor for suggesting how the practice is formed.   Thinking of animal energy, dreams, mementos, seeing, other kinds of signals, and working with senses along the practice and with the process is my intuitive offering to support you on your journey.

I will help you build your skill in working with art materials as a foundation, and help you in your discovery of your energy patterns.  The openness to trying and connection to what we will discover is the brain builder.  It is a working method that will help you see yourself, and will support connections in your brain that will open your own journey.  It is hard to be vulnerable, but that is what lets you hear things that we may work with.

When we see we first get an idea of what something is and then we update with our visual senses.  Abstract art viewing  benefits the brain by creating stronger connections by looking at it, because it leaves the mind to fill in the meaning and the experience.  Art making creates even more benefit, shown by a study by Bolwerk and Maihofner, where their team showed that after 10 weeks of art production, there were 'increased levels of functional connectivity" and a "significant improvement in psychological resilience" in the brains of art makers.  A different group was taught art appreciation and their result was "much worse".  (https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0101035)

Cheryl has a BA in Psychology, studied art and art history at The University of Pennsylvania, and has made abstract art on 5 continents, including many places, including India, China, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, and across the US and Europe.  She is an energy reader , and she learned that through her own practice of making art and working from the model and being a make-up artist before she painted.   She has a Certificate in Intuitive Coaching (Cayce), and in Herbalism (Open Center).

Art and Living Energy Suggested Materials

Art and Living Energy ® Suggested Materials for First 4 weeks of Practice (pdf)



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